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Can NR eradicate fatty liver?

Here is a follow up to NR removing 20% of fat from those with fatty liver: Charles Brenner, an NR expert at the U of Iowa, recently emailed someone about this study. The 2000 mg of NR a day study … Continue reading

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NR reduced fat in liver of obese men by 10 percent

Dr. Drew interviewed Charles Brenner who said that the NR Copenhagen trial to be released soon shows a 10% decline in fat in the liver of obese men from 11% to 10%. The subjects took 2000 mg of NR for … Continue reading

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“We should stop training radiologists right now!”

“They should stop training radiologists now. It’s just completely obvious within five years that deep learning is going to do better than radiologists. It might take ten years, but we’ve got plenty of radiologists already. I said this at a … Continue reading

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The U of Colorado-Boulder NR trial results have been released

The U of Colorado-Boulder NR trial results were released last week and showed promising results for those taking 1,000 mg of NR (Nicotinamide Riboside), a derivative of vitamin B3, a day for six weeks. (The Elysium study released last December … Continue reading

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Tyler Cowen on the Manhatten Project and the Apollo Mission

Economist Tyler Cowen who predicted in 2009 that a) The U.S. will have slow growth until the 2040s because “the low hanging fruit has been picked”* and b) there will be no medical breakthroughs before 2030. Recently, Cowen was interviewed … Continue reading

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The New York Times on Japan – Remember the trade wars of the 1980s? Neither do I.

The New York Times ran an article on Trump’s tariffs and how they relate to Japan, but it has three notable inacurracies: 1) The NY Times mentions: “the trade wars between the two countries.” What trade wars? There was the … Continue reading

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Study shows NMN increases in blood flow and endurance in elderly mice

A new mouse study on NMN (another NAD+ precursor nearly the same as NR) that was published today showed blood flow and endurance improved (56% to 80% for endurance) when given to older mice that were excerising but interestingly, not … Continue reading

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