Can NR eradicate fatty liver?

Here is a follow up to NR removing 20% of fat from those with fatty liver:

Charles Brenner, an NR expert at the U of Iowa, recently emailed someone about this study. The 2000 mg of NR a day study stopped after 12 weeks, so it isn’t clear if more fat would be removed with another 12 weeks or 24 weeks.

Brenner replied:

“There is every indication that a study setting out to clear fatty liver with high dose NR for 26 weeks would succeed.”

That is a stunning statement if he is correct. To reduce the fat in liver of those people, it would cost $200 a month at 2,000 mg of NR or $600 for the 20% reduction. So “to clear fatty liver with high dose NR” would cost $1300 over 24 weeks, which is pretty cheap to eradicate a pretty serious condition.

There is also reason based on previous studies that note NAD+ levels drop significantly at doses over 500 mg to think maybe only 1000 mg of NR would be is as effective as 2000 mg so then the cost would be just $700.

30 million Americans have non-alcoholic fatty liver at a more serious stage.

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