The New York Times on Japan – Remember the trade wars of the 1980s? Neither do I.

The New York Times ran an article on Trump’s tariffs and how they relate to Japan, but it has three notable inacurracies:

1) The NY Times mentions: “the trade wars between the two countries.” What trade wars? There was the voluntary restriction on exporting autos to the U.S. when there was a deep recession in the early 80s, a 45% tarrif on motorcycles that Japan could completely avoid so hurt nobody. The U.S. put up a 100% tarrif on Japanese medium sized televesions, computers and semiconductors for $300 millon worth of importrs in 1987 dollars. That increased some prices in the U.S. but hardly came close to a trade war. The threat the media played up then was that those actions might cause a trade war.

2)Japan analyst Tobias Harris was quoted as saying that economic friction between the U.S. and Japan goes back to the 70s “and is more the rule than the exception.”

Apart from a little trade friction in the 70s, it was only a mid 80s to early 90s issue but when has there been friction after 1995? That is 22 years, friction free.

3) A political scientist at Sophia University was quoted as saying American voters have a bad image of Japan. Last month, a Gallup poll 87% of Americans had a favorable image of Japan and has been over at 80% or over since 2005.

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