Highlights of a 50 minute interview with NR researcher Charles Brenner

Charles Brenner, a biologist at the U of Iowa, who I heard give a presentation at the end of 2016 was recently interviewed for 50 minutes on the Live Long and Master Aging podcast. Brenner says overeating, lack of sleep, too much sunlight, oxygen and alcohol “deregulate” NAD+. He added that heart failure also deregulates NAD+.

He emphasizes that mice with diabetes, are overweight, have heart failure, neuropothy or neurodegeneration will benefit much more from NR than mice on a good diet and exercise.

Brenner took 1,000 mg of NR for a week as a participant in a human trial of one. I asked in December 2016 if he still takes that amount, and he replied that he lowered it to 250 mg a day. After a while he says his digestion improved but didn’t feel more energy because he already is “a high energy person” at 56. In this interview he added that he “lost 2 inches in his waist “which was great”, and he wasn’t really watching what he eats. Guarente, a co-fonder of Elysium said last year that their 8 week trial didn’t show weight loss so, it might occur but after a longer period.

Brenner thinks there is a positive feedback loop where “if you’re sleeping a little bit better, thinking a little bit clearer and going to the expense of taking a supplement that has a non-trivial price point* “I think there is a positive feedback of taking care of yourself. I exercise a lot, but I did feel that adding NR to my morning routine was improving my digestion , improving my sleep and probably having an effect on my focus as well”.

Brenner said he now is more careful about diet increased the amount of NR to 500 mg sometime in 2017.

Brenner: “There have been trials initiated for diabetes and heart failure, however, we can’t talk about results yet and there are trials whose results will be made public in coming months that say some things about common conditions … studies with people taking medications have not shown interactions with NR. ” The FDA has given a “generally regarded as safe” (GRAS) rating.

“Many report fingernails growing faster and stronger, hair growing faster and better skin.”

*that means expensive

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