ChromaDex sues Elysium for $200 million

I read a couple of days ago that ChromaDex has recently sued Elysium for $200 million dollars as Dave reminded in the comments section. I didn’t intend to post much on the lawsuits until more seemed clearer, possibly from early next year.

According to the Right to Assembly blog:

The plan, according to ChromaDex’s complaint, ran something like this: The goal was to acquire ChromaDex. So Elysium,
1. Negotiated an exclusivity arrangement that limited ChromaDex’s ability to sell to other customers
2. Stole two key ChromaDex employees
3. Placed a $3M order that it did not intend to pay for, and
4. Disseminated false information to investors

I don’t think ChromaDex has a good chance of winning $200 million as it tries to show each of the above points. This will depend in great part if Elysium is found violating ChromaDex’s patents on the manufacturing process of NR. I assume this lawsuit is also an attempt of at least winning a much lower settlement at some point in the future.

When the first round of lawsuits started early this year, I had a feeling that Eysium was going for a takeover of ChromaDex since that company seemed to have other problems not related to Elysium. From this summer, however, I began to think there will be two major players, Elysium and ChromaDex, with possibly others going Elysium’s route and buying NR that is not protected by a patent if that is possible. I’ve assumed the source has been from a company in China.

Unfortunately, there is incentive for both companies to not put the detailed results of their 120 and 140 person trials of NR/pterostilbine (Elysium) and just NR (ChromaDex) up on its websites any time soon. Eventually, the results of other human trials will come out but until then how effective NR is with blood pressure, blood sugar level, etc will remain unknown.—-ChromaDex-says-Enough

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4 Responses to ChromaDex sues Elysium for $200 million

  1. Deborah Smith says:

    They are looking at ChromaDex because the market is that big. The problem Elysium has is their company. Delivery complaints, Customer Service, etc.. ChromaDex is a much better company.


  2. toddkreider says:

    I heard of difficulty in canceling Elysium orders in 2015 but nothing negative since. I also read that last year sales of Elysium Basis were about the same as Chromodex but not sure.


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