David Sinclair takes 500 mg of NMN and says his biological age went from 58 to 32

David Sinclair of resveratrol fame told The Washington Post at age 45 in 2015 that he was taking 1000 mg of resveratrol a day in 2015 yet in an interview printed yesterday, he said before taking 500 mg of NMN a day that his blood work showed that his biological age was 58 and that a few weeks latter was that of a 32 year old.

Sayonara to resveratrol.

NMN is supposedly very similar to NR that is sold by Chromadex to vendors like HPN and Elysium, yet it is currently not cheap. Sinclair said that 500 mg of NMN costs him around $20 a day where as 500 mg of NR would cost just under $2 a day.

Sinclair is a multimillionaire so has enough loot to take $20 a day of a 500 mg capsule but if NR is superior or equivalent to NMN than why pay 10 times as much?

He says that he is testing NMN on human subjects for 6 months from this fall in Boston and estimates it will take 3 to 5 years to develop this “drug” that is already available as an expensive supplement. He says his 77 year old father is taking it and reportedly has the endurance of a man in his 20s or 30s.

Here is the interview

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4 Responses to David Sinclair takes 500 mg of NMN and says his biological age went from 58 to 32

  1. dave says:

    Take a look at the blog “right-of-assembly.org” It is run by an attorney who accidently discovered that NR cured his restless leg syndrome. He has been watching the Elysium vz. Chromadex case quite closely. Investors believe that if Elysium loses they will file bankruptcy.


  2. dave says:

    Both Chromadex and Elysium have completed in depth human trials of their own but are withholding the results. Now they are spending millions in legal fees battling each other.

    What did they discover in the human trials?
    Are they battling….. over the “fountain of youth” ….but we don’t know it?


    • Todd Kreider says:

      Good questions! I don’t think NR is the fountain of youth but am guessing the results were favorable. Elysium stated last December that it was reviewing the data and would then submit the results for publication. When Elysium was founded in early 2015, they said that they would put all trial results up on their website, whether favorable or unfavorable. So far, they have only announced that 250 mg of NR with 50 mg of pterostilbine raised NAD+ levels in blood by 40% and that 500 mg of NR with 100 mg of pterostilbine raised NAD+ levels by almost 90%

      ChromaDex said a few months ago that they would post “top line data”, whatever that means, on their website in June or July but three days ago they said that it would be up sometime in Q1 or Q2 – that is, sometime before Oct 1st.

      Elysium also states on its website that it is developing other pills which may replace NR and pterostilbine if more effective.


      • Dave says:

        I concur but it is very apparent the way these two are going at each other’s throat’s the trial results are probably substantial…maybe even stunning. I think your analysis is probably correct that the studies show that a larger dose is necessary. This is probably why Elysium tried to get the price substantially down and is also probably why Chromadex is cutting out the middlemen..they both know they have to up the recommended dose but they need to keep the price reasonable. The Li investment now gives Chromadex a strong source of funds to fight Elysium and appeal if necessary. He would not have invested if the study results weren’t strong or if he thought the lawsuit was not going to be won.
        It all adds up to a very interesting situation all around… there are substantial economic, health and legal angles all involved.


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