The New Yorker mentions Elysium Basis (NR)

The New Yorker has a recent article entitled “The Silicon Valley Quest to Live Forever”, which covers several angles of how various researchers are trying to extend human longevity.

Elysium and its first product Basis was mentioned toward the end before a blurb on how Ray Kurzweil intends to resurrect his father, who died of heart failure over 45 years ago, as an A.I avatar. There is a big jump between a potential health pill like Basis and A.I. based resurrection…

The writer visits M.I.T. biologist and co-founder of Elysium, Leonard Guarente:

There are no clinical data yet that Basis does anything useful in humans, so, when I visited Guarente in his office at M.I.T., I asked if he’d noticed any effects from taking it. “I have,” he said. He glanced at Elysium’s P.R. person. “Can I say it? It is O.K.?” She gave a calibrated nod, and he said, “My fingernails grow faster.” And what does that mean? “I don’t know. But something.”

So there we have it! Proof positive that NR extends human longev… fingernails.

But after talking with Guarente, the writer must have known that Elysium has sent detailed results of its trial from last summer off for publication but decided not to include that important point. And we also no know that the sole supplier of NR, Chromadex, will announce its own similar trial results sometime this June or July.

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