The Washington Post: “Japanese nuclear plant just recorded an astronomical radiation level. Should we be worried?”

The Washington Post recently printed another bad article on the cleanup efforts at the Fukushima nuclear plant site. It does correct misperceptions found in earlier articles from other news outlets but includes:

“So should the people who live in Japan, who live on the Pacific basin be freaking out?

Not yet, some analysts say.”

Not yet?? Neither the Japanese outside the overly large evacuation zone nor anyone living on the Pacific basin has ever had a reason to “be freaking out” over the accident at Fukushima since radiation levels didn’t pose a threat then or now. This is yet again a top American news outlet writing this uniformed FUD – Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt.

As former nuclear operator Rod Adams wrote at Atomic Insights with respect to the WaPo article,

“[The journalists] turned what could have been an opportunity to spread knowledge into a “he said, she said” opinion piece that leaves most readers in the dark about who to believe. After quoting several experts who provided credible responses and interpretations about the recently announced radiation dose rate measurements, the reporter chose to conclude with the following statement from one of the usual suspects.”

He means Greenpeace…

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