Charles Brenner of the U. of Iowa discusses NR at the U. of Wisconsin

Biochemist Charles Brenner of the University of Iowa gave a talk at the U. of Wisconsin – Madison yesterday on the current state of NR (Nicotainamide Riboside) research, the Vitamin B3 derivative that has shown to increase the health of mice. His presentation will be up on the internet soon, and I’ll link to that then.


1) Dr. Brenner told his story about how he was the subject of a small n=1 study – on himself – that he published which analyzed the effects of him taking 1 gram of NR for a week. During the Q&A he said he now takes 250 mg, the most common dose. He added that that we will know more after Chromadex’s and Elysium’s separate results are released. I hope in the first half of next year.

2) In the first part of the talk Brenner pretty much stated that resveratol wasn’t effective and that it wasn’t very bioavailable. Toward the end he mentioned the Elysium study and how it includes pterostilbine, the compound found in blueberries which is “an analog to resveratrol” but was skeptical that it does anything, contrary to Elysium’s expectations that it may act synergisticly with NR.

3) Brenner also pointed out that the study included only healthy adults (60 to 80) who had a BMI below 30, so that certain positive metabolic effects may or may not be noticed. He thinks it will eventually be shown that NR will make more of difference for those who are out of shape than those who are very fit.

4) He said glucose levels and weight were better maintained in mice that took NR than the control group. Overall cholesterol was also reduced but Brenner said that the mouse model doesn’t translate well to humans.

5) Brenner discussed heart failure in mice that took NR and that it seemed to help prevent the onset as well as improve heart failure once it occurred. He said the mice’s heart EF (ejection fraction) improved but not by how much. He added that he wasn’t an expert in cardiology but that several heart indicators improved.

6) Brenner mentioned that he has heard of people taking NR reporting that they have more energy, but he hasn’t experienced that himself. However, he did say that he used to have gastric problems when eating certain foods but that went away after he began taking NR and wasn’t sure why.

7) There has been a concern with respect to increased levels of NAD+ accelerating brain tumor growth. He replied that there was the one study out of the U of Washington that showed that but that there are other studies that show increased NAD+ may inhibit tumor growth and that he wasn’t sure at this point.

My guess is that Elysium will be correct that pterostilbine does increase NAD+ levels more than when NR is taken alone but have no idea by how much. Could be zero.

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