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Charles Brenner of the U. of Iowa discusses NR at the U. of Wisconsin

Biochemist Charles Brenner of the University of Iowa gave a talk at the U. of Wisconsin – Madison yesterday on the current state of NR (Nicotainamide Riboside) research, the Vitamin B3 derivative that has shown to increase the health of … Continue reading

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Elysium announces Basis (NR and pterostilbine) is safe and increases NAD+

I just saw that this press release from Elysium was posted on their website yesterday. Unfortunately, it could be several months before they release details of blood pressure, serum glucose levels, cholesterol levels, weight change, 6 mile walk endurance test, … Continue reading

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UNSCEAR finds cancer rise from Fukushima “inconceivable”

I hadn’t looked up anything on Fukushima for a while so went back to The Hiroshima Syndrome blog where the Monday and Thursday detailed updates continue. He reports what The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Asahi Shimbun … Continue reading

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