Swiss scientists to use NR (the Vitamin B3 derivative) to attempt to treat children with muscular dystrophy

Swiss scientists to use NR (the Vitamin B3 derivative) to attempt to treat children with muscular Dystrophy:

“As part of their work on nutrition and aging, they discovered that large doses of a vitamin called nicotinamide riboside (NR) were remarkably effective in countering the progress of the disease in animals. Their work has been published in Science Translational Medicine.”

“… … …This causes a shortage of NAD+ within the cell. But this component acts as a fuel for the powerhouse of cells, the mitochondria, which are especially important in muscle tissue. The NAD+ deficiency therefore weakens the muscle, an effect similar to that of mitochondrial deficiency in older people.”

“They tried out their approach on animals, using C. elegans worms and mice that had been genetically modified to develop the disease. The effect was remarkable. When large doses of nicotinamide riboside were administered, the worms did not develop any of the disease’s symptoms. The mice presented much lower muscular inflammation, and existing lesions were attenuated.”

” “We have good reason to think that humans will also respond to this treatment and that we’ll be able to reduce inflammation,” said Auwerx, the lead author. “But we don’t know to what extent. It’s important to remember that we’re not going after the primary cause of the disease, dystrophin deficiency.” Which means it is difficult to predict the treatment’s effectiveness. “Regardless, it would still be quite an accomplishment if we can prolong the patient’s life by several years and increase their comfort.”

Trials to begin within two years.

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