Elysium Basis trial completed in July with results coming within weeks. Maybe.

I just read that Elysium’s first Basis (NR and pterostilbine) trial was completed in July. When the new supplement vendor started to sell in February 2015 with six Nobel laureates on its science advisory board, Elysim said that it intended to post any trial results regardless of positive or negative outcome.

The first 8 week trial of 120 healthy 60 to 80 year olds were split into three groups: 1) the normal daily recommended amount of Basis, 250 mg of NR with 50 mg of pterostilbine, 2) a double dose of 500 mg of NR and 100 mg of pterostilbine and 3) a placebo.

They had participants get checked every 2 weeks for blood pressure and heart rate. At the end of the 8 week trial, they had their NAD+ levels checked as NAD+ steadily declines from around age 40, and they are trying to boost that. They were also given a 6 minute walk test, a chair test, along with a psychological test/questionnaire.

Serum glucose, lipid profile and endothial (blood vessel) function were also checked as well as a questionnaire on pain and sleep.

Results will probably be released by the new year or shortly after. Isn’t this more exciting than the election??

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