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Taking the NR plunge

So I took the NR plunge three days ago… NR (Nicotinamide Riboside) is a Vitamin B3 derivative found in trace amounts in milk and bananas and has been shown to boost NAD+ levels in human cells. Some of you may … Continue reading

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My response to Scott Sumner’s response on growth and temperature predictions and Freeman Dyson’s take

Scott, you wrote: Neither climate scientist nor macroeconomists claim to be able to predict short run cycles. Macroeconomists predict that America’s NGDP will be much higher in 50 years, ditto for climate scientists and temperatures. I agree with both predictions. … Continue reading

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Global Warming: My views on climate modeling in 1998 during the Kyoto Accord

I just posted this on Econlog in response to macroeconomist Scott Sumner’s proposal. I should clarify that in 1998 I was a boring left-leaning centrist as I am today: In 1998, I was studying Japanese in an intensive course in … Continue reading

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NR is safe and boosts NAD+ in cells – University of Iowa in Nature Communications

The results of this study of NR safety and efficacy with respect to boosting NAD+ levels in cells were released several months ago but have been published in the open source journal, Nature Communications. The lead author, Charles Brenner, is … Continue reading

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