The first Google car accident caused by Google

Well, call off the 21st century. It was fun while it lasted:

(BuzzFeed) “In an accident report made public on Monday, Google disclosed that its self-driving car had caused a crash earlier this month — the first known crash caused by one of its fleet. One of the autonomous Lexus SUVs that Google has been testing on the streets of Mountain View, California, hit a bus when it tried to change lanes.

According to the account the crash was minor — the car was traveling at 2 mph when it sideswiped the public bus. However, with Google pushing to have its self-driving cars consumer-ready in the next few years, this is the first accident that finds fault with the autonomous vehicle. While Google’s cars have been in accidents before, this is the first one where another driver was not at fault.

In the report, Google blamed sand bags in the road as the underlying cause for the accident. They were placed around a storm drain, and when the car detected them, it moved one lane over, hitting the bus in the process.

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