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AlphaGo 4, Lee Sedol 1 “Chess Players Counsel Calm…”

Apparently the 21st century is back on, recovering from Google Car’s first crash that it caused, after AlphaGo beat world champion Lee Sedol, 4 games to 1. From The New Yorker Late last month, before Lee Sedol faced off against … Continue reading

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Are declining real wages in Japan driving poverty, inequality and the suicide rate?

Economist Noah Smith wrote in his latest Bloomberg article: [Economist] Kamesaka says that wages are the key to Japan’s suicide rate, which has fallen a bit recently but is still among the highest in the developed world. Japanese real wages … Continue reading

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The WaPo says: “We can probably start to relax about radioactive seafood”

The Washington Post recently printed another fifth anniversary of Fukushima story. Once again, here are some problems with the article: 1. The title: “With Fukushima’s fifth year anniversary approaching, we can probably start to relax about radioactive seafood” This is … Continue reading

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The first Google car accident caused by Google

Well, call off the 21st century. It was fun while it lasted: (BuzzFeed) “In an accident report made public on Monday, Google disclosed that its self-driving car had caused a crash earlier this month — the first known crash caused … Continue reading

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